Choose a fashionable women’s park

How one wants to be beautiful and fashionable, not only in the summer, but also in the cold. Modern designs do their best to meet the demands of most women. And they succeed. An online store of Italian clothing is no exception. Parks with fur for women, coats, down jackets and other goods are also presented here.

Today, one of the latest fashion trends among warm women’s clothing is a women’s park with and without fur. It is warm, light and pleasant to the touch and beautiful in its external characteristics. But how to make the right choice and not make a mistake.

Pick color

When choosing a model in an Italian clothing store, you first need to pay attention to color. It is best to use pastel colors suitable for the autumn-winter season, or alternatively darker deep shades (blue, burgundy, muted green). But it is better to refuse white. This is undoubtedly a luxurious option, but not suitable for urban conditions, and if you choose casual outerwear.

If you do not accept solid colors, then you can give preference to prints. They may be articles on a floral print, ethnic motifs, camouflage colors, etc. if you approach the choice of shoes for the park, then they can become like choppers, boots, but also boots or high-heeled suede boots. So any representative of the weaker sex, even in casual clothes, will look feminine and attractive.

On sunny warm days, you can complement outerwear with blue cropped jeans and light sneakers on your feet. But it can so allow herself to put on that girl, the sidewalks on which she will walk, are clean.

Style Selection

When choosing a park, you need to pay attention to such factors as height, weight, body type, occupation and individual preferences.

Only that girl who is taller than 180 cm can afford a park to her knees. Girls taller are better off not looking at the model on the floor. Trapezium models, the length of which are just below the knees, are suitable for low “pyshechki”. But whoever wants to hide the problem areas should pay attention to the outer clothing of a simple cut without decorative elements.

For those ladies who love jeans with sneakers and do not crawl out of trousers, a straight silhouette park is ideal. A fan of femininity is suitable for the belt, which subtly emphasizes her waist.

In a word, each type of figure has its own park.

In Russian: Магазин итальянской одежды предлагает женские парки купить в Москве