Popular evening dresses

Evening dressesEvening dress is a must-have item for every woman. A variety of styles allows you to choose a suitable option that would completely match the figure. Properly selected outfit will hide flaws, focus on the merits.

Popular types of evening dresses:

Fashion for evening dresses is diverse, includes several styles depending on the case. Official models involve the use of expensive plain fabric without sleeves and straps. They are almost always long, complemented by a deep neckline and a semi-adjacent silhouette.

Cocktail models – a short evening toilet with a moderate neckline. They allow you to create the impression of ease and relaxedness. There are no special restrictions in the texture and color of the fabrics used. No less popular option – new. This is the most frank type of evening wardrobe. Usually, the dress is made in shades as close as possible to women’s skin. They have deep cuts on the bodice and skirt, always short. Used to attend private events.

Classic does not imply unnecessary details and decorations. It always looks relevant and stylish, emphasizes the elegance of the model. In the Greek style, the feature is a high waist. It is emphasized by frills, belts and other elements located under the bodice. Such evening dresses are made of light flowing materials.

Popular evening dresses in the style of Chicago. Many designers in their collections have similar options. The outfit has a lowered waist line, length reaches the knee. For it, options for satin, chiffon are used.

Retro-styled outfits are suitable for girls with medium height, slim waists and small bards. Models open arms, legs. Such evening dresses have a feminine style, are sewn from chiffon, tulle, silk, and other light materials.

Features of choosing an evening dress:

Such clothes are available in many shades. Do you want it to blend with looks? When choosing colors, consider skin tone, hair and eye color. For example, contrasting and dark colors are suitable for fair-skinned girls. Owners of dark skin can opt for bright outfits. On all the fair sex, white, black, red and gold models look good.

For evening dresses, dense materials are used to emphasize the bends. The fabric should match the features of the figure. Slender girls can choose a chiffon that adds volume. Full ladies should focus on dense tissues that would hide the irregularities of the body.

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