Gold Prices Edge Lower But Coronavirus Fears Underpin Haven Bids

Gold prices are edging lower, but the buzz around the medical world is that another potential virus is at work. Coronavirus is a coronavirus that can be identified by its unusual genetic structure and clinical symptoms. Coronavirus is similar to chicken pox, but in some people, it is less serious than chicken pox.

Coronavirus causes chicken pox in people who have weak immune systems, which could cause illness with an asymptomatic person. The same thing can happen with Coronavirus. This has been widely reported in the news, but some folks may still be making a living from the virus without realizing they do.

The medical community is discussing whether there may be a connection between the two viruses. The governments of both Canada and the United States have declared Coronavirus a “serious” public health threat and have high level meetings scheduled in Washington DC this week.

According to the National Institutes of Health, doctors have studied the Coronavirus virus, but it’s not clear if it causes any problems. So far, there are no studies that connect Coronavirus with any long term illnesses or death. Experts believe that there is little risk associated with infection, but those who contract the virus may feel ill for months or years.

Some in the medical world think that the virus is taking the US gold market down. They think that the virus has spread in China and other Asian countries, as well as the US. China is currently preparing for a big trade show in Shanghai, and medical companies want to take advantage of the Chinese growth in this market. If Chinese products are recalled from the US because of a possible outbreak, the trade show may be affected.

It is common for the government reaction to first be about the virus and then to be about the virus itself. They will state that the government has taken the situation very seriously and the public should know that you should stay away from infected goods. Then they will say there is no known threat associated with Coronavirus and so the public should remain calm.

However, the public didn’t know about the apparent coronavirus outbreak until the US and Canadian governments said so. There are currently reports about 5 deaths caused by Coronavirus in the US, Canada, and elsewhere. Some people are saying that the coronavirus outbreak is similar to the measles outbreak a few years ago, but the news media reports aren’t matching up.

According to some reports, the government issued an official statement on Friday, February 14th. It stated that all Canadian importation of poultry from Asia has been halted. However, the government did not specify what specific products were affected, only that it was shutting down poultry imports from Asia.

When Canada and the US do not come up with a decision about stopping imports of imported goods, they will have to decide whether to close their borders or simply let the imports continue. Currently, Canada has many commercial importers that import Chinese goods to fill orders. Therefore, closing the border may mean the end of Canadian imports of goods from Asia.

It’s time to start planning on trading gold in a bullion market. And it’s time to start preparing for the possible effect of this news.

The best thing to do is to buy gold stocks that are controlled by known and not so known parties. These stocks should move in a direct correlation to the news about Coronavirus. Since the virus is out there, you can start to see how the market reacts.

Gold and silver prices were on a very steady track up until February 10th, when the news broke. Since then, the gold price has edged lower and silver price has edged higher.