Markets Week Ahead: Gold, Dow Jones, US Dollar, Fed and ECB Minutes, Earnings

Markets Week Ahead: Gold, Dow Jones, US Dollar, Euro and Eurozone Minutes, Earnings Conference Call, Bank of England and Federal Reserve and ECB Minutes. It’s going to be a really busy week.

We are going to have many market events including the latest GDP figures, the European Central Bank’s latest monetary policy report, the FOMC’s next rate decision and the Bank of England’s quarterly and yearly Monetary Policy Report. As well as all these events we will also get a lot of news about Greece’s debt crisis and the possibility of a Greek default. The US Federal Reserve meeting will also be important and this is a day that will decide the interest rates.

There will be lots of financial reports in the markets and we have some really interesting and useful reports covering many of the topics discussed in this Market Report. A few of the things we’ll cover this week are the latest developments with Greece’s economy, how the euro and the dollar will react to the latest FOMC decision and the Federal Reserve and ECB’s monthly statement. The FOMC will make a rate announcement on Tuesday or Wednesday. Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve will make inflation and economic forecast for the coming year. The Federal Reserve will release their quarterly report, which will include their rate decision.

The markets will also be watching for the upcoming earnings reports from big companies including Apple, Citigroup, Microsoft, GE, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson and many more. There are also some key business reports that include the latest retail sales figures, job growth figures, new home starts, manufacturing orders, the housing market, oil prices and consumer confidence. This is also the week that we get the latest news about China and the Chinese economic situation and this is one of the most anticipated reports this week.

This week also includes news relating to the EU’s economic and financial affairs and we look at this report as well including the latest developments with Greece’s debt crisis and whether or not Greece will default on its Eurozone debts. There will also be a new policy paper from the European Central Bank and the Bank of England regarding the Eurozone and monetary policy.

Then we have some news on US jobs and the latest unemployment figures and the Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as the Euro and the US Dollar Index. The Fed will hold a press conference and then there will be two separate speeches by the Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

The next FOMC meeting will be held on Monday and the minutes are released on Thursday so this is the week that we will see the official announcements from the FOMC. And then finally we will have the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England’s annual report and they will be speaking about the future of the US Dollar.

As well as all of this you can expect news about Greece, the Greek debt crisis and Greece’s economic situation in the markets. I hope that you enjoyed this Market Report as I hope you will please consider this in 2020.

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