Why men’s demi jackets and windbreakers will be popular again in the fall?

Why men's demi jackets and windbreakers will be popular again in the fall
Why men’s demi jackets and windbreakers will be popular again in the fall

Why will men’s demi and windbreakers become popular again in the fall? The peculiarities of the domestic climate make it mandatory to have such an item as a men’s demi-season jacket in the wardrobe. Different models of windbreakers are an important detail of a man’s image. They effectively complement the business image and are very functional on a trip to nature or on an evening walk. The versatility of windbreakers is especially important: they can be worn throughout spring and autumn, as well as on rainy summer days.
Basic requirements for demi-season clothing:
Demi-season clothing is designed to be worn in cool and rainy weather.
The presence of insulated models with additional lining.
Stylish appearance and thoughtful design.
The number of popular brands of men’s clothing is extremely large. This provides potential buyers with a wide choice, but also makes the task of selecting the right wardrobe model very difficult.

Popular styles
Today you can find a wide variety of styles of demi-season windbreakers for men that can emphasize the advantages of a figure and visually hide its flaws. Popular include:
Pea jacket. The main feature of this model is an emphasized graphic silhouette. It resembles a double-breasted jacket with a turn-down collar, a single slot and a tab on the back.
Norfolk. This style of windbreaker is designed for men who love comfort. Its usual length is mid-thigh. Most of all, such a product resembles a jacket.
Safari. Slightly fitted style featuring a classic collar.
Spencer. The main features of this style are the shortened length, the presence of decorative elements on the bottom piping and on the sleeves.
Trench coat. It is a double-breasted jacket made of dense fabric.
In most cases, when choosing demi-season clothing, men prefer dark shades. This is logical – these colors are more practical and less brand. In addition, dark-colored models visually slim and hide flaws.
However, a dark color is not always the best solution. Today, many men opt for such original colors as gray-blue, sand, burgundy or even lavender. The number of existing color options is very large.
Manufacturing material
The material from which it is made is of great importance for the quality of a demi-season jacket.
Leading manufacturers of clothing for men offer customers products made from a wide variety of fabrics.
The most popular in modern conditions are:
Cotton. A widespread option, the main advantage of which is to give the skin the opportunity to “breathe”.
Linen. The fashion for natural fabrics is becoming more and more relevant. An important plus of flax is the comfort of wearing.
Synthetics. It is rarely used in its pure form, but it acts as an important addition to the base of other materials, giving additional properties.
Denim. The properties of this fabric are well known. Its main advantages are versatility, durability, practicality and ease of care.
Velveteen. The material is not suitable for rainy weather, but it is an excellent solution when waiting for a drop in ambient temperature.
Nylon. The characteristic features of the fabric are lightness and even translucency.
Suede leather. Among the advantages of the material are durability and an elegant appearance. However, suede fabric requires special care with brushes and sprays.
A variety of styles, materials of manufacture, colors, mandatory details of clothing – all this makes the choice of a suitable demi-season jacket a difficult and responsible task. To successfully solve it, it is advisable to use the following recommendations:
First, read the label carefully. Fabric composition, country and company of manufacture, recommended washing methods and other information should be considered in the selection process.
Secondly, the size. Demi-season clothing is selected in such a way that the wearer feels free. Particular attention is always paid to parameters such as the shoulder line, sleeve length and jacket as a whole.
Thirdly, the quality of tailoring. A key parameter for determining the feasibility of a purchase. The seams and stitching on the garment best characterize the level of workmanship.
Fourth, the presence of lining. The functions of this part are not exclusively limited to protection against cold and moisture. The lining ensures that the silhouette of the product is maintained and also prevents the build-up of static electricity.
Fifth, an inner pocket. Practicality is heavily dependent on the presence and size of the inner pocket.
Of course, when choosing a men’s demi-season jacket, you must take into account the taste of the buyer. However, this criterion is so individual that it is simply useless to give any recommendations on this issue.
The combination of these factors will help you make the right decision and when